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Khurshed Mirakilov

CJSC «Tavhidbank» – «Mechanisms of transformation and implementation of the principles of Islamic finance»”

Khurshed Mirakilov active in Islamic banking development process since 2009. Starting from education and study along with the National bank of Tajikistan by support of German International Organization (GIZ). Eexperienced as a banking consultant within different credit organisations, worked as a Head of economic and financial department of the Association of Banks of Tajikistan (ABT) and as an Executive director of the Association of microfinance organizations of Tajikistan (AMFOT). Was involved as a member of working groups on macro level (State bodies, ABT, AMFOT and NBT) As a National Coordinator at German International Organization (GIZ) experienced to develop microfinance Regional Programme in Central Asia region, Financial Sector development, banking Research and Study, trade development issues within different local and international organizations. In this capacity, he was active in Studies on Islamic Finance and marketing research including development legal and normative acts within working groups of the National Bank of Tajikistan. Khurshed led the GIZ’s Regional Programme in Central Asia region for integration and development of new alternative financial product such as an Islamic Finance.

Prior to his appointment to the Credit organizations and industry Associations, Khurshed start his practice consultation with within Islamic banking window in September 2017, then was involved to the Sohibkorbank to assist the Bank within converting to Islamic bank (full-fledge), was chosen by Supervisory Board as a member of Committee of Islamic Financial Services of the Bank.

He cooperated within the regional network development in Central Asia and Tajikistan financial sectors that assisted introduction of Islamic finance in Tajikistan by close cooperation of the National Bank of Tajikistan, National Bank of Kirgiz Republic, Eco Islamic Bank (commercial bank) as well as with Bank Negara (Central bank of Malaysia) and Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB -Malaysia). By his initiative (within the GIZ regional project) National Bank of Tajikistan in April 2010 became first observe member of the IFSB among GIS countries.

Pavel Shust

IFC Consultant, St. Petersburg, Russia – «Financial technologies and financial inclusion: trends and perspectives. Focus of Tajikistan» – «Financial technologies: special financial products for micro and small businesses, IT solutions and innovative practices»

Shust Pavel Mikhailovich, candidate of political sciences, in 2011 he graduated from St. Petersburg State University, faculty of international relations, in 2014 – graduate school of the same faculty. Trained in the Department of Pan-European Cooperation and the Nordic Countries of the Office for the Coordination of Foreign Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation of the Committee on External Relations of St. Petersburg, in the European Union Division of the Department of Pan-European Cooperation of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He currently holds the position of Executive Director at the Association of Electronic Money and Money Transfer Market Participants, Deputy Scientific Director of the Central Scientific and Technical Center “Distributed Register Technologies of St. Petersburg State University”, Senior Lecturer of St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Economics, is a consultant to the World Bank. Member of the Advisory Board of the Interdepartmental AML / CFT Commission; Advisory Council on financial accessibility at the Bank of Russia.

He advises employees of the World Bank, Bank of Russia, Rosfinmonitoring, regulatory authorities of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand, the Eurasian Group on Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, ITMCFM, RANEPA, the Alliance for Financial Accessibility, on issues of development of financial legislation, innovation and improving financial accessibility.

Pavel is the author of more than 50 research publications, as well as a regular speaker at regional and international events on financial regulation, payment innovations and financial technologies.